People's Choice Trophy  City of Bridgman
People's Choice Trophy City of Bridgman
The Building Bridgman Event was SANDtastic!
Thanks to everyone that PLEDGED their support, DONATED oh so many volunteer hours, and BUILT an amazing family event at Weko Beach!  Check out the long list here.
Missed all the action, but wanted to support the STEM Lab project?  There is still time!  Vote with your dollars to boost these amazing sand sulptors' status so one lucky team can walk away with the"People's Choice" trophy.  

Be sure to scroll to the end.  In total there were 14 team sand sculptures and one GIANT!  Vote for your favorite by clicking on the picture and following the link to their team page.
Corporate Teams Compete
Friday, July 21st
Four Corporate Teams competed for Best of the Beach bragging rights on Friday night to kick off the weekend.  The Golden Shovel Best of the Beach Trophy went to Vitamin Sea.  Check out the sand structures below that were created to support the STEM lab project at Reed Middle School.
Vitamin Sea  Southwestern Medical Clinic Bridgman
Vitamin Sea Southwestern Medical Clinic Bridgman

Vitamin Sea
Southwestern Medical Clinic Bridgman

Golden Shovel - Best of the Beach 2017 Winners

The corporate teams built their structures and created an impressive story to impress the judges.  Vitamin Sea soared to the top as a beach goers favorite and a public service announcement about lyme disease awareness--always flush ticks down the toilet.  

Cast your vote by clicking on the photo and voting with your $$ for the STEM project.
Cook Kingdom Unit 3 Cook Nuclear Interns.
Cook Kingdom Unit 3 Cook Nuclear Interns.

Cook Nuclear Interns
Cook Kingdom Unit 3 Sculpture

Second Place - Pirate's Choice Trophy winners

The team of ten interns took home the Pirate's Choice Sponsor trophy as second place at the competition.  The structure titled "Cook Kindgom, Unit 3" was three stories tall and included just as tall a tale to impress the judges as they explained how the AEPirates landed long ago and built this impressive structure.  Lots of spirit, teamwork, and storytelling boosted this group to second place.  Help boost these energetic interns to the top by voting for them.  Top prize is People's Choice.  

Vote by clicking on the photo and voting with your $$$.
Cook Unit 3-4  Cook Production Engineers  Bronze Trophy Winners
Cook Unit 3-4 Cook Production Engineers Bronze Trophy Winners
Cook Unit 3-4
Cook Production Engineers

Greenbush Sponsor Trophy Winner

This group of Production Engineers came prepared to build Unit 3 & 4 on Weko Beach.  Designs in hand, slide rule, and tools by the dozen, they worked diligently to sculpt the plant addition to an exact scale model.  The team of seven took home the Greenbush Sponsor Trophy at the end of the night and lots of sandy, sweaty tools as a result of their hard work and dedication to the RMS students.  Click the photo to vote with your $$.
Leaning Lighthouse of PSI by the Gastronauts
Leaning Lighthouse of PSI by the Gastronauts
Gast Corporation Idex

Leaning Lighthouse of PSI

This team of 8 was not a bunch of quitters.  The lighthouse that would not cooperate was rebuilt multiple times.  This team pulled together, used their resources (locals on the beach) and continued to build and build until the end.  A very impressive structure in a short amount of time.  With a bit more practice they will take top prize in the next round.  Winners of the "Needs S'more Practice" prize sponsored by Linda Gedeon-Kuhn goes to the Gastronauts.

Vote for them by clicking on the photo.  They understand that Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) in teambuilding!
Saturday in the Sand
July 22nd
Ten teams claimed their sand bright and early Saturday morning.  The evening rains and a bit of cloud cover made the perfect conditions for Building Bridgman.  Check out the photos for each team and vote with your dollars to make them eligible for the top award.
"People's Choice"

Escaping the Classroom
Escaping the Classroom

Escape the Classroom
Winner of the Bee-chy Sponsor shovel

This ambitious team of ten worked together to create an impressive bee representing students and their classroom (Bee Hive).  Titled Bee-ing Bridgman Builders to build a better middle school, this team created two sand structures to impress the judges.
Team Fish  Blinky and Friend
Team Fish Blinky and Friend
Team Fish
Sponsored by Dr. Nathan Thomas Orthodontist

One of the youngest groups on the beach Saturday created Blinky the Catfish and his pal the Smily shark.  Blinky the catfish swam from Chicago in search of cleaner water and the shark followed hoping for a tasty meal.  They became friends since they were both in foreign waters.  The team used real googly eyes and sharks teeth and enhanced the structures with twigs and rocks found along the shoreline.  
20 Hands on Sand
20 Hands on Sand
20 Hands on Sand
Winner of the Way to BEE Prepared
Sponsor Award

Willy the Whale saved the day when the RMS Band met up with risky waters returning from Macinac Island.  Willy brought everyone to shore safely and the turtle was the only witness to this heroic act.  This team of 20 hands definitely pulled together an all encompassing sand structure and tall tale to wow the judges.  This team had spirit and their team tees, hand made accents (whale spout) and truckload of sand tools sent them soaring to the top 5 in seconds!
Team Hicks
Team Hicks
Team Hicks
Sponsored By Dr. Nathan Thomas

Team Hicks present Hickville and the Hickville lake and fortress.  This castle is under lockdown and only members of the village can make their way through the various lockdown measures in place.  This team of five was not afraid of hard work as they shoveled down deep into the sand to create a lake and waterfall from the castle.
Team Norwalls
Team Norwalls
Team Norwalls
Family Team

These are just a few of their favorite things.  This ambitious family team created multiple structures in the sand to include water creatures, a spinx, the pyramids and of course a "B" for Bridgman.  Lots of details in the turtles with gravel and stones mixed.  Pictures just don't do this one justice.  Great Job Norwalls!
Team Payne
Team Payne
Payne Family Team
Winner of Principal's Honor Roll Trophy

The Payne family worked hard in the sand and sun to bring baby Hippo Fiona and her Mom to life on the sands of Weko Beach.  Their story correlated to the recent reuniting of Baby Fiona with her mom at the Cincinatti Zoo.  In the story, they decide to relocate to the fresh waters of Lake Michigan in a beautiful family town called Bridgman.  
Team Squid Squad
Team Squid Squad
Squid Squad
Winner of Bridgman Police Trophy
and DeBest of DeBests' crew Trophy

The Squid Squad was serious about their squid and brought all kinds of sand sculpting tools to make him big, orange and impressive.  The tale that was told detailed a rough life for this squid who was bullied because he was orange.  In the end, he lived a great life on the beaches of Weko where he is guarded from harm by his friend, the Kracken.
The Islanders
The Islanders
The Islanders Family Team
Winner of Sponsors Pick for Best Disney Theme

Two families worked together all afternoon to build the story of Moana.  The display included a pre-made lego boat, music, leis for the judges, and a volcanic eruption at the presentation of their sand sculpture.  Their hard work was well planned and left no details forgotten--exactly like the Disney Productions we know and love!
Team Pickle Nuggets
Team Pickle Nuggets
Team Pickle Nuggets
Winner of Doctor's Choice Trophy

This team of three studentscreated the true life experience of sea turtles.  The sand structure details included a turtle nest complete with eggs and a baby turtle leaving on its journey to the water.  A large mama turtle leads the way as her babies follow.  All the eight turtles were created with hand forms--not premade--and varied in intricate details.
Volcanoes of Azarath
Volcanoes of Azarath
Team Volcanoes of Azarath
Winner of "It's in the Details" Trophy

These 5 girls worked together tirelessly all day.  Their structure told the story of a dragon named Dracon that saved the village of Azarath from destruction when the volcanoes erupted.  He now lives enshrined in sand/rock guarding the villagers.  His heroic efforts on the beaches of Weko were impressive, with colored sand details, stones, and a beautiful village for the people of Azarath.  But, the real treasure was the detailed story that they created and presented to the judges.  
Big Friendly Giant  GIANT Sand Structure
Big Friendly Giant GIANT Sand Structure
Sunday with the Sand Pirate
July 23rd
Sunday with the Sand Pirate was the first ever Family Build at Weko Beach.  Families registered to take part in a giant sand sculpture build on Lake Michigan in an attempt to make history.  Each family learned sand techniques and then put them to work building a piece of the GIANT sculpture. In 3 hours, 31 people from 7 different families were able to create a 62' Giant in the sand.  
The GIANT sand structure was a LOT of sand and sun fun.  At the conclusion, the Beachhouse Community Room was opened for an artist's reception.  The Bridgman 7th Grade Artist Reception, sponsored by Hardings and Mrs. Linda Gedeon Kuhn, displayed all the works of art created by the 7th grade class that was displayed around town throughout the month of July.  

The event concluded with a free Sunday concert from the band Polar Bear Recon and a beautiful sunset.  Building Bridgman's goal was to provide a family event to support Bridgman's future at a location treasured by everyone.  Weko Beach provided the perfect setting to build something beautiful together.  Thanks for sharing!
Let's join forces and unite the community in support of Bridgman's future at a location treasured by everyone!  Weko Beach provides the perfect setting in which to bring us all together to build something beautiful.
Building Bridgman
Building Bridgman