1. What is the planned STEM Lab renovation project at F.C. Reed Middle School?
For additional details regarding the STEM Lab transformation, click here.
2. How do I register my middle school student for the build-a-thon?
F.C. Reed middle school students are encouraged to register for the build-a-thon in order to support the programs at RMS.  Click the Register 4 Pledge tab on the menu and follow the instructions.  Once the profile page is setup, students may share their link with friends and family to earn pledge dollars.
3. I am not available to participate in the Building Bridgman Events.  Can my RMS student still participate in the pledge campaign?
Yes!  All students (and members of the community) are eligible to participate in the Build-a-Thon.  They are not required to participate in the Sand Castle Competition taking place on Saturday, July 22, 2017.  There will be separate prizes and incentives for RMS students that participate in the pledge campaign.  More information will be sent home through students before the end of the school year.
4. I do not have a middle school student.  Can I register a team/individual for the build-a-thon?
Absolutely!  Registration can be added for a team or individual in order to participate in the Sand Sculpture Competition.  Everyone is elegible whether or not they are a current student.  Click Register 4 Pledge from the menu.
5. What exactly is the family build?
Sunday registration for the family build is the perfect way for an entire family to take part in the festivities and benefit from one of Janet's Sand Sculpture Lessons (typically $35 per person).  Simply register your family (all ages) to participate in building one large sculpture on the beach.  Janet Schrader, the Sand Pirate, will teach advanced sand techniques and then give each family a task to complete in order to add to the overall design.  Select Tickets to register the family and follow the directions to process payment.
6. How do I Sponsor a game or activity for the Family Day on Sunday?
We would love for you to sponsor a game or activity for the Family Day.  Please email us at jamie@buildingbridgman.org.  Also, visit the Sponsors page for a list of ideas.
7. Can I volunteer to help with the events?
Absolutely!  We would love your assistance for the weekend events.  Please email us at jamie@buildingbridgman.org for more details.
8. Should I register my RMS students as a team or individual?
If you have multiple students at RMS, you can register them as a team or as an individual.  The teams online allow donors to pledge support to an entire team instead of one individual.  Sharing one team email with friends and family will make it easier to support the entire family.  

Teams built online do not need to match the student teams that compete on the beach.  Siblings can still build teams with their friends and design their sculptures for the competition independently.